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Case Study: How TeleCloud Transformed Communications for Family First Urgent Care

When you run an urgent care facility, fast and effective communication is a "must-have,” and Family First Urgent Care is no exception. However, their previous phone system fell short, lacking simplicity, vital call metrics, and real-time updates. Thankfully, they found everything that they needed – and more – when they switched to TeleCloud. 

A Little Background: Who Is Family First Urgent Care?  

Family First Urgent Care and Primary Physicians (Family First for short) is a five-site urgent care and primary care medical practice based in New Jersey.  

As their name implies, they have been dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate, and convenient medical care to the whole family since 1981 – whether it's a routine checkup or an immediate medical need. This is why Melissa Monahan, their Chief Operating Officer, was so frustrated with their Nextiva phone system.  

The Pain Points: What Challenges Family First Urgent Care Faced  

When they first started out with Nextiva, Family First had high hopes. The system looked like it would be a game-changer for their operations. However, as they settled into daily usage and their practice continued to grow, challenges started piling up. The most common challenges they faced included the following: 

  • Cumbersome Adjustments: Nextiva's system was difficult to change on the fly, making it challenging for the practice to update recordings and settings easily without submitting multiple tickets.  
  • Lack of Support and Training: Nextiva struggled to offer adequate training and support to Family First, leaving staff feeling lost and unable to utilize their features fully.  
  • Inefficient Reporting: Nextiva's dashboards lacked useful information and couldn't produce basic reports, leaving the management team unable to track call performance.
  • Inflexible Pricing & Services: With Nextiva, once a feature was added, it couldn't be removed until the payment term ended. This meant that Family First found themselves paying for features they didn't use and couldn't remove.  
  • Overcomplicated Call Queues: Because the system wasn't set up well at the start, managing call queues became messy quickly as Family First grew and moved offices. It got so bad that, at one point, Family First had over 68 different call queues between 5 offices. 
  • Confusing Phone Menus: The old phone system made setting up simple and straightforward menus for patients hard. Making changes or recording messages was a headache, and they wanted something easier and faster.
  • Cumbersome Scheduling: Patient scheduling was a nightmare because the person in charge couldn't communicate well with the tech team. This led to problems with call prompts and annoyed patients trying to book appointments.  
  • Tricky Management Portal: The tool they used to manage the phone system was difficult to understand. Management struggled to make changes and see critical call trends. They needed a more user-friendly system. 
  • Expensive Service: Nextiva cost a lot, and they felt they were paying for things they didn't use. They wanted a more budget-friendly system that would let them pick and choose the features they needed.  
  • Slow Problem Solving: When there were issues, Nextiva took too long to fix them. The management team didn't have time to deal with telecom problems, so they wanted a provider that could quickly resolve issues without causing more headaches.

TeleCloud's Solution: Simple, Powerful Communication  

TeleCloud began with a thorough evaluation of Family First's existing expenses, call flows, and on-site technical needs. Once complete, they built a communication system that fit what Family First needed, which included:  

  • Simplified call menus for easy patient navigation.  
  • Intuitive management portal offering live call information and streamlined reporting.  
  • Scalable cloud-based phone system that could quickly – and affordably - adapt to Family First's growing needs.  
  • A dedicated point of contact to manage the project from start to finish.

Our 'velvet glove' onboarding experience made sure the transition was seamless from onsite installation and testing to employee training, and the results speak for themselves. 

The Results: More Appointments and Better Staff Management!  

Melissa says that since switching to TeleCloud's phone services, Family First has thrived. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Increased appointment bookings: Primary Care experienced a noticeable increase in appointment bookings due to improved call flows.  
  • Happier patients: The simpler call menu has made it easier for patients to get what they need, making them more satisfied.  
  • Easier call queue and staff management: The user-friendly portal helps keep an eye on how many calls are coming in, which made adjusting staff levels and call routing more straightforward.  
  • Substantial savings: TeleCloud saved Family First a lot of money by working with them on pricing and ensuring they only paid for what they used.  
  • Better call management: The detailed reporting provided by TeleCloud's system helps the management team keep track of calls, measure how well staff are doing, and deal with issues before they become big problems.  
  • Superior customer support: TeleCloud's proactive and responsive service ensures that Family First's questions are answered immediately, and any necessary updates are made in seconds, not days. 

If you're in the healthcare space and need a provider that's not only creative and responsive but also experienced and knowledgeable in the healthcare industry, reach out to TeleCloud today to experience the difference yourself. 

"TeleCloud provides superior service experience by taking the time to understand our business and actually listening to our needs and concerns." - Melissa Monahan, COO 


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