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How Much did That Abandoned Call Cost Your Company?

Does your business rely on telephone calls as its revenue lifeline?  Are unanswered calls causing you to lose customers and negatively impacting your bottom line?

Many businesses—such as medical offices, car dealerships, HVAC companies, and other service organizations—communicate with their customers over the telephone every day to provide customer service, book appointments, take orders, etc.  But when calls from your customers go unanswered, what your customers are really hearing is "You are not important. You are not of value." Is this really what you want your customers to hear and feel?

To put it bluntly, abandoned calls equal abandoned customers, and each abandoned call represents a missed opportunity not only to provide a customer with excellent service but to also generate additional revenue. Can your company track how many calls were NOT answered today or went to voicemail without prompt response?

At Tele-Data Solutions, we provide our customers with the tools to turn data into real-time business decisions so your company can be more agile and take immediate action. Our proactive performance monitoring software can be programed to email an alert to the manager as soon as a call was either unanswered or abandoned, giving you a competitive edge over your competition. This provides an additional opportunity for the business to protect its sales revenue by enabling rapid customer call back via the caller ID log.

With our real-time monitoring software, managers can concentrate on their everyday tasks but take immediate action if they receive an alert that requires their attention.  Talk about a WOW service opportunity! Customers are delighted when they get an unprompted call back, changing their experience with your company from negative to positive. This will undoubtedly boost customer loyalty and retain sales.

Salerno Buick GMC, an auto dealership in Randolph, NJ, has enjoyed great success after implementing our proactive performance monitoring software, increasing its appointment rates and customer service index (CSI) scores.  The service manager receives email alerts whenever calls are either unanswered or abandoned.  After receiving the alert, the manager is able to call the customer back right away or have a service representative address the customer’s needs, usually within just a few minutes. The result: This dealership increased the number of service appointments set on a daily basis and increased CSI scores dramatically.

Do you know how much abandoned calls are costing your business?  Give Tele-Data a call at 908-851-0444 to find out more about software solutions that promote better customer service through call log monitoring.

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