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White-Glove Installation

TeleCloud handles everything from installing the IP phone hardware to configuring VoIP firewall and network switches, so customers don't have to go it alone.

Faster Onboarding

We provide personable training with a knowledgeable TeleCloud expert to give customers a great onboarding experience.

24/7 Support

We're committed to protecting customer phone systems from downtime. We're available for support 24/7 and prioritize fast resolution.

Powered by the Cloud.
Grounded by People.

For over 40 years, TeleCloud has been the on-the ground, hands-on voice communications provider that won't let you down. We will focus on delivering what counts – the seamless, innovative solutions you demand and localized personal service you deserve. Because you should focus on what really matters – building your business, nurturing your relationships, and cementing your reputation.

Our clients love us. 200+ 4.9 star Google reviews will tell you why.

Oscar and Tele-Data more generally helped us ship out and setup four new phones to colleagues working from home and the individuals received the phones within 48 hours to their home, all working properly., They also helped with a variety of other telecommunications-related planning as it relates to a 100% remote working environment and could not have been more helpful and responsive from a client service perspective, even on the weekends. I'd highly recommend this company normally, but especially after our experience these past couple weeks.
Jay, Lindsey, and Henry were great from day 1. Just had our new phone system installed today despite the huge snow storm yesterday. They showed up on time, trained, and followed up promptly. So far so good the system is working beautifully. Highly recommend using them to anyone in the future.
My experience was excellent. Davin H was extremely knowledgeable and very patient. He led me through the process of installing the program in an easy manner that ended in a successful installation.
Excellent company with customer service that is next to none! Since I have been employed at Momentum Solar I have worked very closely with Tele-data solutions and their expert support staff. Everyone I have worked with is extremely knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs.I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a clean and polished phone system that has even better support to boot!
Great company, great people, great solutions. Much added funtionality for basically the same price we were paying for very little functionality. A pleasure to work with all around.
I run an accounting firm and phone reliability and uptime is very important especially during our busy tax season.We know Tele-Data took the time to install everything correctly and we have confidence in their company to deliver.
Tele-Data Solutions handles our VoIP Phone technology and we have had a great experience whenever we need support. No company is perfect, but whenever we have had issues, Tele-Data has always resolved them. Their team is very dedicated and we recommend using their services.
Vincent Finaldi and the Tele-Data Team really go above and beyond for their clients. We have many mutual clients and they have a great reputation for responsiveness and really being dedicated to servicing their clients.
Customer Service is the main priority at Tele-Data Solutions. Everyone working here is always pleasant and a pleasure to speak with. Their motto must be, 'Treat our customers like their your own family!'. And that is how I feel EVERY TIME I need to call in. I do get treated like I'm the one! (All the Time). Had training on the system today and Lindsey Bodnar was Patient and a BIG Sweetheart! She trained me so well that I know can probably do some training You
'Service the customer above all else.' Not only does that pertain to how our customers are praised and respected, but that goes for the employees as well. I have been an Intern with Tele-Data Solutions for almost 3 months and I have witnessed that our core value is fully extended to each and every employee. Working with a team that understands and trusts each other is a daily reminder that we all want to help one another grow and give our customers the best service possible. To be able to start my career in a family-orientated environment brings me great hope and excitement for what the future holds.
TeleData gave FANTASTIC training for our portal and what our phone system can do is awesome. Lindsey was great - couldn't have asked for any better. I had construction going on over my head and it was very loud - she was a trooper and stuck with me. A+++++++++
We just upgraded to a VoIP system with Tele-Data and their service has been phenomenal! Two staff members were here properly setting up all of the products and training the employees. Would highly recommend!
When we installed new phones in our office there were a few bugs, as is to be expected, but they were with us 100% of the way. They made sure to make any changes we needed and showed us how to alter the settings ourselves. When trying to get a tech in to change the location of one of our phones, Jay M. was incredibly helpful and personable. 10/10 would recommend.
Their support staff is amazing. They made sure to walk us through everything making the phones easier to use.
Great Company...Beginning with the sales process through project completion they were courteous, professional and focused on providing a robust solution...
Tele-Data truly goes above and beyond for their clients. I have worked closely with Vin and his team on various projects and have seen first hand how much thought and care goes into every project we have completed. Just great people to work with, great company all around.
I have known Tele-Data Solutions for several years now and have trust in their products and services. I refer them to my customers any chance I can get. They stand behind their customers.
I am the Director of Operations at a large insurance agency. I personally know some of the people at Tele-Date Solutions in Union & the whole team goes above & beyond expectations. We had some unforeseen issues within our office during installation which Tele-Data worked with us every step of the way to solve. We are very happy to have them as our partners. They are a very professional company!!!
I have known and referred Tele-Data and their team for over 5 years, they always go above and beyond to make sure the client is not only happy and serviced in a timely fashion but on an ongoing basis as well. I have trusted my clients to them and they have always made me and my company look like rock stars for referring them.Specifically, Lindsey is not only very bright and knowledgeable but an amazing team member that made my experience of my own phone system a breeze. Keep up the good Work Lindsey!
I know some team members at Tele-Data Solutions in Union and they go above and beyond for their clients. And in business it's so hard to find reliable sources who follow through like they do. First-class all the way!
Bill is great! Always figures out the issue and resolves it. A++++++++++
Tele-Data provides excellent services and shows real dedication to their clients. Their staff is amazingly helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend!
Each time I call the experience is better than the last. Everyone is always quick to help and friendly. I spoke with Bill B. today and he was so helpful. He pointed me in the direction of some headsets for our office. He took the time to explain exactly what we need and how to hook them up. He offered future help once the headsets are in. He is what customer service is all about.
These solutions can be very intimidating. This entire organization is dedicated to making this process simple, easy to understand, and best of all...Our Phones Work Seamlessly!!
A great job. Above my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the work that was done.
A great company that employs professional employees. Our new phone system works excellent. They were able to connect 3 locations of our company which gave us more opportunities.
Lindsey was an excellent trainer. Clear and concise directions for a smooth transition. We had lots of questions....and she had lots of patience. Kudos to Tele-Data's customer service team.
Bill took the time to walk me through our phone system and made changes that work much better for my company. I highly recommend Tele-Data Solutions.
I wanted to let you know that your team represents what you have built your company on and that is the highest level of professionalism. The process today went exactly as planned by your team and they patiently spent time answering all of our questions and going over in detail to make sure we were comfortable before they left.Thank you for the great service and we would highly recommend Tele-Data to all,
The Tele-Data team came in and replaced our antiquated phone system for our 4 office locations.They were such a great company to work with and they made the transition to newer and better phone tech seamless. Our ability to communicate to other co-workers operates so much more efficiently now. Highly recommended.
Bill Braunschweiger was excellent help. Took the time to walk me thru every time frame and auto attendant.
What an amazing group of professionals. Our team was delighted to work with Jen and Vince with our new phone system implementation. Jen is so attentive to detail and offers top notch customer service. We highly recommend!
Bill was very helpful and got us up and running as quick as possible. Excellent service!! I highly recommend this company.
From the time the phone system was installed, Tele-Data has been one of the best in customer service. Always courteous and quick to solve any issues we may have. Bill Braunschweiger has helped us from the beginning until my last dilemma.. Thank you for all of your help,time and patience.Linda Woodman
Customer service at this company is wonderful! Every time I need something they are courteous and so very helpful! Especially Matt and Daniel. They both have a lot of patience and work hard to resolve issues quickly while keeping me updated the whole time!
This company's ability to cater to the needs of a medical practice are nothing short of spectacular. All it takes is a single call or message and an entire team is ready to help out with any problem. From the first meeting with Vin (and several more in the next few months), we've been treated with respect and made to feel as if we were the highest priority. Tele data helped us and held our hands through the installation process and now Jen Andretta is available to help us with all our day to day issues. Their IT knowledge and help has made all things that are complicated seem like a breeze.
These Guys are the best! Damon and Vincent and the entire staff are very understanding to all your needs, and they truely care and wish well for all there clients! i have seen it with my own eyes! Go Tele!!
Bill and Matt are the best! They are very attentive and you can tell that they care about what they are doing. In addition to this, they have your request done in a timely matter. Highly recommend!
Bill and the entire staff at Tele Data Solutions always assist with any updates and/or issues that we may have in a quick and efficient manner.
Excellent service from Bill. He handled our changes with speed and accuracyThank you
Great company with many years of experience. I'd highly recommend them.
Bill Braunschweiger is always a huge help. Bill is always able to solve any problem and does so in a timely fashion. We LOVE Bill here at APPS!!! On 1/7/19 Dan was able to resolve an issue that we were having very quickly - TeleData is a great company to work with
Like always, Tele-data and Matt was able to support me accurately and promptly! Thanks guys.
The customer service rep Matt was very good and fast at fixing theissue.
Group of professionals. They provide a very personalized service and immediate response to problems.
Only good words can be said about Tele-Data Solutions. They answer promptly and are always able to solve any issue. Excellent service.
Tele data its a five starts when comes to support and help you to resolve our phone issues, all the staff its very professional and friendly... Matthew and Daniel its always very helpful! I recommend it! Thank you Guys!
Thanks Daniel R at Tele-data for speedy and polite help with my log in issue.
Louis is an amazing support expert!!! He's very prompt and resourceful to answer any questions as well as working on task in a trustworthy manner.The best experience I've had thus far!!!!!~An'Quan Mouzon
I dealt with Matthew from the Service Department. He was incredibly helpful in assessing the problem and more importantly, explaining to a lay person what had occurred. He promptly addressed the problem and the phones were running perfectly again within minutes!
Thanks again guys - your level of support and attentiveness was excellent yesterday - we were fully up and running by 10:30am and no impact to business at all. Fantastic customer service!!
We upgraded off our Avaya phone system and Verizon Phone Lines onto a more modernized and cloud based technology. The technology works so much better – we now utilize call center for our service department and mobile app technology to our team. The phone technology has really helped our business and better serve our clients
Matt is a knowledgeable tech and is able to resolve our challenges quickly and professionally when requested.
When I first called in they were on vacation due to Good Friday. Once I spoke with Luis on Monday we tried several steps and we were able to resolve my issue. Having been in customer service I understand it is not an easy job and during this time it is even harder. Luis not only resolved my issue but was helpful in his explanation of how to fix in the future. He is a true customer service professional.
Always can depend on the people at Tele-Data Solutions to help with any question/problem I have at any time. Great service and caring associates. I highly recommend you contact them for your phone service for your business!

How Do I Work With TeleCloud?

Explore our hands-on process for upgrading your voice solutions.


Step 1: Connect

15 minute call

We use this time to learn about your needs and provide a solution overview.

Step 2: Explore

60 minute call

We work together to understand your current goals and challenges.

Step 3: Advise

30-60 minute call

We recommend a custom solution for your business.

Step 4: Launch


Work together to set install date, provision new hardware/software, train and support your team. Go Live!

Get the Voice Solutions You Need With the Customer Care You Deserve