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The Future of Customer Communication
Get Ahead With Business Texting 

Response rates for SMS are 295% higher than phone call responses - proof that we live in a mobile world. In order to meet your customers where they are, your business needs to be mobile too!

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Increase Customer Engagement With TeleCloud’s Business SMS Solutions 

With 65% of today’s consumers preferring text messages, when communicating with companies, incorporating business texting into your communications strategy can be a game changer for your business and customer experience.

Faster Communication

Shorter messages are acceptable and response rates are faster with business SMS and MMS, allowing for more efficient customer communication. 

Wider Reach

Reach a wider customer base with modern communication your customers prefer. Message your entire customer base at once for marketing needs.

Increased Productivity

Your staff can now reach multiple customers at once to provide time-sensitive information like reminders and updates – making better use of their time.  

Increased Engagement

Text message open rates are 98% - increasing the chances of your customers engaging more with your business.  

Improved Customer Experience (CX)

Consumers now prefer text interaction more than any other form of communication. Making it easier for them to reach you makes it a better CX every time.  

Personalized Communication

Business SMS and MMS allow for direct, one-to-one communication with customers that can be personalized for a unique interaction and enhanced brand loyalty. 

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Ways To Use Our Business SMS And MMS Solutions 

Business texting can be used in many ways, increasing productivity, improving the customer experience, and more. Some applications include: 

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Event Or Sale Promotion
  • Order Status Updates
  • Payment Reminders
  • Customer Feedback
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Time-Sensitive Information
  • Employee Communication
  • Time Issue Resolution

Choosing The Right Texting Tool


Features Basic
Standard Business Texting

Advanced Business Texting

Text enable your existing business numbers
One-to-one SMS messaging  

SMS queues   


Text history   

 Coming Soon

Custom integrations via messaging APIs


One-to-many or many-to-one messaging   


Advanced reporting on inbound/outbound messaging   


Response templates   


Company text messaging   


Global support for multiple languages 


Send auto-responses that are triggered by keywords 


Ensured compliance   


Schedule messages   


Get An Unparallelled Experience With TeleCloud 

We provide secure, reliable features and white-glove support for our business texting solutions. We pride ourselves on creating an excellent experience for you, so you can do the same for your customers! 

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Our dedicated professionals prioritize fast resolution – and are available for support 24/7. 
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We always stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in business technology. 
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Our experts work with your teams to ensure a great onboarding experience. 
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Our Northeast-based team knows the business needs of the region inside and out. 

Experience Secure, Seamless Business Texting Made Easy 

Leverage the power of cloud-based SMS and MMS to reach customers over their preferred medium – text!