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Important ESI Telephone System and Telecom Industry Update


The reason I’m writing this blog is there’s been some major changes in the telecommunication industry that is impacting your business….you may not have heard, but Avaya, THE huge Phone Company, has went chapter 11 and Toshiba America, who manufactured telecom equipment for 40 years in the US, went out of business…well…What does this mean to you?.... Remember Blockbuster video…When Netflix came out…Blockbuster didn’t make it very long…well the same thing is happening in our industry…

There are few important updates we want you to know if you have an ESI phone system.

  1. As more businesses are moving to cloud/VoIP phone system technology, it’s becoming increasing difficult for us to continue for us to service your ESI telephone system.  This is because ESI (and all our manufacturers) are pushing us to move our customers to the cloud.  Even more important, the manufacturer is increasing support costs to maintain the older equipment and discontinuing support on the older product lines.  As the product ages and years go by, we also have less and less technical manpower that knows the product line at all.
  2. We would like to start planning with you to take advantage of this new VOIP phone system technology and evaluating what it can do for your business….we’d like you tome with us on the journey to take advantage of this new technology…simply put, it costs less and works better than the old stuff….
  3. The process to make this change is painless and effortless on your end. Being local to your business, we come on-site and handle all the details of the installation and provide end user training for the new phones.  There are no upfront costs and at times you can possibly reduce monthly costs by eliminating your phone lines and phone system maintenance fees

As we start to phase out support for our older ESI telephone systems, we want to give you plenty of notice before make any official changes. Please watch the video to hear from our president, Damon Finaldi.

Of course, call us at 908 851 0444 or e-mail, and we’re happy to set up a call.

As always, thank you for your business, and thank you for being our client.

By Vincent Finaldi
Vice-President, Tele-Data Solutions
E-mail: | Direct Line: (908) 378-1218
What brings me satisfaction is meeting with New Jersey–based businesses and genuinely helping them solve communication and business problems. As someone who has lived in New Jersey my entire life, I love working and playing here. I live in Morristown with my wife, Lisa, and root for the New York Giants.

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