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What are the best types of business telephones to use with a VoIP phone service?

We will cover what what we perceive to be the best business telephone for VoIP phone service. When it comes to purchasing new technology, there aren’t too many customers out there who are looking for average. Customers want to know what type of phones are going to work the best over their new VoIP phone system.

This makes sense because every customer I’ve ever dealt with wants to ensure they get great audio, and a desktop phone that’s made well, functions well, and works well for everyone in their business.

So, let’s cover what we perceive to be the best business telephone for VoIP phone service.

What are the best types of business telephones to use with a VoIP phone service?

Simply put, we here at Tele-Data Solutions are partial to the Polycom VVX Class. It’s a great, well made phone line that many of our customers have happily been using for quite awhile.

What are the best types of business telephones to use with a VoIP phone service?


HD Voice

One thing that we, and many of our customers are fan of, is their HD Voice feature. It’s a wideband audio, ensuring you’ll get a consistent, really nice quality sound out of your phones.

Even the VVX Class speakerphones delivery great sounding audio, so you don’t sound like you’re in the middle of an auditorium speaking over a megaphone. This is something people overlook despite many businesses spending a lot of time on their speakerphone in a conference room or similar setting. Their speakerphones feature a 360 degree voice pickup, as well as well placed microphones, in addition to the phones physically have a well made speaker, meaning the audio is crystal clear.

And, their speakerphones are based off of square footage, meaning there are multiple speakerphones for different sized rooms. All this means you’re going to get the best possible audio quality, assuming you purchase a phone that designed to fit your needs.

Forward Thinking

Another great feature of the Polycom VVX Class is they support expansion modules meaning you can easily build upon your phone should your needs change over time.

Designed For Your Needs

And, depending on your needs, there are different speed versions of the phones. The VVX Class features both gig and non gig phones.

For those who like shiny features, many of the Polycom VVX Class phones feature full color touch screens, while some even offer the built in capability of video conferencing directly over the phone itself.

Also, there’s various software options available that give the Polycom VVX Class a higher level of capability, ensuring that your phone can meet your needs, regardless of what they are.

Speaking of meeting your needs, many customers need the option to record their phone calls. Whether it’s for accountability, billing, or legal reasons, recording calls is something a lot of customers demand. Fortunately, Polycom offers several models that you can physically plug a USB stick into to record audio, making it easy to record on certain phones.

Ditch the Cord

There aren’t too many options out there for cordless IP phones, but the VVX Class does in fact offer a cordless model. The unit itself needs to be connected to an ethernet cable, but the handset is cordless so you’re free to wander around the offer as necessary.

Another great cordless phone is the Yealink W52P, an inexpensive, lightweight cordless option. With a 350 foot range, this phone can easily cover most offices. The issue with this phone is that it lacks a lot of features, and it’s programmable. So while not a highly customizable Polycom phone, it’s still a great choice for those looking for a cordless option.

How to decide what IP phone is right for your needs?

This might sound silly, but when looking to purchase an IP phone, ask yourself how many blinking lights do you want in front of you? A more complex phone is going to be lit up light a christmas tree, while simpler phones may only blink if you have a voicemail.

Also, what kind of features do YOU need? Not your secretary, not your CEO, not the IT guy, YOU. You can have many different phones in place on a VoIP phone system, so make sure that you personally get the right phone for yourself.

And lastly, are you an aesthetic person? Do you want a phone that looks nice? Do you even care? To some, a phone is a phone. To others, having a phone on their desk that looks like a prop out of Star Wars receives a certain “cool” factor.

At the end of the day, picking the right phone on your own might be easy, or it might require some input from an expert. If you’re in the market for a new IP phone, or researching phones for your new VoIP phone system at your business, we always recommend talking to an expert. To learn more about VoIP phone systems at your business, click here to contact us online, or touch base with us at 908-481-1200.

By Mark Johnson
Director of Operations, Tele-Data Solutions
E-mail: | Direct Line: (908) 378-1203
I’m responsible for the daily operations of Tele-Data Solutions, and I’m proud to bring over ten years of experience to this position. I’m all about building relationships with my clients and applying technical expertise to solve their problems. I currently live in Basking Ridge with my wife, Linda, and our twins.


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