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What are the top benefits of using a VoIP phone system?

We talk about the top 7 benefits of using a VoIP phone system at a business. I have visited hundreds of NJ Based businesses and I am often asked, "What are the top reasons for upgrading to a VoIP Phone System?"

In my experience, businesses upgrade to VoIP for the reasons I outlined below.  Just like any technology, it has to be faster, less expensive and better then what you have.

Check out the top 7 reasons below and feel free to look at other blogs we created on other questions related to phone systems.

1 - Reduction in monthly costs (aka save money)

Business today value the ability to expense telecom costs compared to a capital purchase. With VoIP you can do just that. VoIp phone systems eliminate costly voice circuits, annual support plans, software upgrades, Verizon or Comcast phone plans, etc.

Depending on the specifics of your business needs and the system you’re looking to implement, you might be able to start using a VoIP system for the same price as your current system (which is still a home run since you’re getting more features) or you may be able to save 15%, 25%, or even more compared to your current phone system.

2 - Scalability

I have yet to visit a business that doesn’t plan on growing in the future. In fact, virtually everyone I talk to during a sales call want to start thinking into the future, taking the flexible work environment of the 21st century into mind. With VoIP, you immediately have a leg up over traditional phone systems. VoIP lets you use plug and play phones for office, remote facilities, or home. While we use the term plug and play, there is a lot to consider when you’re setting up your system, so please understand that’s just a saying and not a rule.

But in terms of scalability, VoIP is without a doubt your best bet. I recently dealt with a customer who was slated for huge growth. When I closed the deal, they were a 15 person company. After a little over a year, they have over 100 employees, each with their own dedicated phone line.

With VoIP, this was a walk in the park to accomplish. They bought more users for their plan, we came in, setup the phones, and they were off to the races. If they had traditional phone system, this would have been 10x more expensive to do, as well as heavily labor expensive.

The top 7 benefits of using a VoIP phone system at a business.


3 -  Integrate Multiple Office Locations

This is a game changer for offices with multiple locations. Imagine connecting everything under one umbrella with a 3 digit intercom. Your coworker, regardless of their location, is just a second away from you.

The other great thing about VoIP with multiple office locations is the roll over capabilities. If your receptionist is busy you can roll over inbound calls to other branches. This drastically improves customer satisfaction, and ensures your customers get someone when they actually pick up the phone and want to talk to you.

This also eliminates multiple phone or line vendors, multiple support vendors, multiple confusing bills, etc.

4 - Provide better service (to your clients)

VoIP phone system provides sophisticated communication capabilities previously only available to large organizations. This shows your a progressive, well managed, forward thinking company to both your employees and customers.

5 - Prepare for the future (not just today)

Again, VoIP allows current & future employees to have a flexible work schedule or office. Millennials want to work remotely, field techs want calls routed to cells, people on the go want voicemails sent to emails, and people want to be able to use their cell phone, tablet, or computer as a “desktop phone”.

With a traditional phone system, there’s no way this is possible without bankrupting your business.

6 - Better Phone and Software Features

VoIP gives you the power to drives revenue & profits unlike any other communication platform out there. With advanced tools, apps, and software, you can do more with your phone system than ever before.

Mobile apps let users to make & receive calls through phone system and pulses out the company information so your customers don’t see different phone numbers all the time. Your employees only need one phone number, and can be reached anywhere. You don’t have to get your staff office and cell numbers, you don’t need to purchase expensive mobile plans just for company cell phones, and in short you can save a ton of money in the process.

The other thing which many of my customers find very convenient is the ability to send voicemail to email in audio file. It’s nice and easy to check your voicemail without having to jump through hoops to listen to a 30-second audio file.

And on the administrative side, the online webportal provides visibility into daily activity, and lets whoever’s in charge of managing the system to  easily make moves & changes as necessary. This is great for upper management since it easily provides a real time call log, and is incredibly effective & essential for judging inbound & outbound calls for reps (super useful for your sales team!)

7 - Disaster Recover & Avoidance (Avoid missing phone calls from your customers)

What happens to your business now if the line dies? Or the power goes out? Are you left scrambling to figure out what to do?

With VoIP you can completely forget about that. VoIP phone systems provide absolute peace of mind that businesses have never had in the past before. Simply put, VoIP eliminates downtime thanks to disaster avoidance. In fact, we cover that topic extensively in the two following articles:

The short story here is with VoIP constantly have a backup plan incase something goes wrong.

How will a VoIP phone system benefit your business?

The best way to sum this all up is VoIP can provide savings, flexibility, and increased features compared to your current phone system. In turn, this makes the move to a VoIP phone system a no brainer for most businesses.

Want to learn more about VoIP phone systems and how they could help your business? Click here to contact us online, or send an email to us directly at to learn more about when's the right time for you to upgrade to a VoIP phone system.

By Vincent Finaldi
Vice-President, Tele-Data Solutions
E-mail: | Direct Line: (908) 378-1218
What brings me satisfaction is meeting with New Jersey–based businesses and genuinely helping them solve communication and business problems. As someone who has lived in New Jersey my entire life, I love working and playing here. I live in Morristown with my wife, Lisa, and root for the New York Giants.

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