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How Much Does VoIP Phone Service Cost an Urgent Care Center?

When evaluating and selecting the right VoIP Provider, it is important to understand what the recurring and non-recurring costs are for the service.  TeleCloud offers extremely  affordable and competitive monthly packages so the technology and services are easy to acquire.   In this blog, we answer how much does VoIP phone service cost an urgent care center? 


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How much does it cost to implement VoIP at an urgent care center? 

It depends on the number of phones & users at your urgent care. For a single location with 6-10 phone users, you can typically expect to pay between $250 to $400 per month before taxes on average.

However, if your urgent care center is multi-site and has more employee count, your investment will naturally be higher than the average above.


Key Components for Recurring Monthly Services


To make an informed decision about implementing VoIP services at your urgent care center, you need to understand the key components and their associated costs. These services are the backbone of your communication infrastructure, ensuring seamless, efficient, and feature-rich connectivity. Here's a breakdown of the vital components that will make up your recurring monthly VoIP expenses.


Monthly Price


TeleCloud UrgentPhone Extension (Per user)


3 Digit Extension, calling access, voicemail to email, Mobile and Web phone application

TeleCloud IP Phone Hardware


Various hardware options to select from the Yealink Product line (If we can’t re-use your current IP Phones)

Automatic Phone Call Recording

$2 per user

Automatically store and record phone calls in/out for 90 days

TeleCloud Call Center Software

$10 per front desk / agent

$35 for supervisor

Advanced reporting, call analytics, abandoned patient reporting for missed calls

TeleCloud Texting

$3 per user

Send and receive SMS text messaging with patients and others

TeleCloud Webfax

$20/Mo per web fax

Send & receive web faxes through your computers

TeleCloud Voice Router

$45/Mo per voice router

Ensure a high-quality, reliable voice experience

*CRM Integration: TeleCloud can integrate with specific EMR software systems for click to dial applications and inbound screen pops 

Support: Note that ongoing support from TeleCloud is included in your monthly program. This support encompasses everything from general helpdesk access, remote system program changes, voice auto attendant recordings along with ongoing end user training

Agreement term length: This pricing above assumes a 36-month agreement term to lock in the lower prices. We are flexible in providing shorter or longer agreements, which will impact the recurring and non recurring fees. At times, clients prefer our longest term at 60 months if we are requested to absorb existing contract termination fees with your current VoIP supplier to "break" the contract and switch.  A business conversation if preferred to determine the best fit.


VoIP Phone System Installation


Selecting the right installation package is a pivotal step in transitioning to VoIP technology. Here, we outline two installation options with nonrecurring set-up fees to help you choose the one that best aligns with your urgent care center's needs. Whether you prefer a remote approach or an onsite installation, recognizing the differences and benefits will help you understand what you’re paying for.


Remote Onboarding Package

This option ranges from $250 to $500 as a one-time fee, and it doesn't require us to come onsite. We'll remotely work with you and your IT provider to ship and provision phones and routers that can be plugged into your network. This option is suitable for urgent care centers that are already using a VoIP phone system with an existing network already in place and want to switch to TeleCloud.


Onsite Installation Package

If you opt for onsite installation, TeleCloud provides all of the expected remote onboarding and includes an onsite VoIP engineer to install the phone hardware and router at your urgent care center. The price for this ranges from $750 to $2,500 and depends on factors like location, facility size, and scope of the installation. This option is better for urgent cares that are brand new, or have very limited technical support. Our office is located in Morristown, NJ. We typically can come onsite directly in the Tri-state area. We can arrange onsite installation in other parts of the country if requested through our national reach.



Telecloud's UrgentPhones come with a suite of advanced features designed to enhance the communication capabilities of healthcare professionals–all included in your monthly program. This includes Yealink IP hardware and call center software features like tracking inbound patient calls and automatic call recording for quality assurance, administrative software enabling you to make changes to your system, and mobile applications and web phones for professionals working remotely

Whether a small or large urgent care, our easy pricing model ensures you get the most value from your VoIP investment without unnecessary expenses. Advanced features are included in monthly subscription costs, and you only have to pay for setup once with our non-recurring setup fee.

Click below to read through some FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Get a Quote Today?


For a formalized quote, TeleCloud requires the following information.

  • The total number of IP phones required.

  • The total number of locations.

  • The total number of phone numbers that need to be ported, including main lines, toll-free numbers, fax numbers, and direct dial lines.

  • Copies of your existing invoices from your current provider.

  • A copy of your existing extension list, typically retrievable from your current provider's portal.


Email us here at or schedule a fifteen-minute call with Vince using the link below. 



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