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Top Frequently Asked Questions for AFC Franchisee Owners, Directors and

Q&A written for franchise owners looking to switch VoIP service providers.


Top Frequently Asked Questions for Urgent Care Franchisee Owners, Directors and Center Administrators

Q&A written for sites looking to switch VoIP service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically 4-8 weeks to turn around and complete a new project; depending upon size and complexity of solution.

Most likely; we will provide you with our pricing options. Please review your current VoIP carrier invoices to verify. We encourage you to scan the invoices over to us so that we can help you with this process and provide a cost comparison.

You will need to find out the total early termination fee from your current provider. If you do not want to call your existing provider, you can sign a “letter of authorization” with TeleCloud, and we will contact them on your behalf. Typically, we are willing to help offset the termination fees (case by case basis). At times, an early termination fee generated from an auto-renewal, can be negotiated.

Yes; especially if you are renting your phones from your current service provider. You will more than likely need to return the existing hardware to the current provider once you switch.

Yes, we can provide a list of references upon request.

There are best practices regarding day and night auto attendant script and prompts that have been recommended by AFC. When patients dial zero, that is a critical inbound phone call and we have methods to ensure you don’t miss the call.

Yes, the TeleCloud phone system includes mobile and web phone capabilities so you can make and receive calls from anywhere; especially for staff that may work from home at times.

No, we will connect and partner with your current IT Vendor to handle any technical related questions.

We offer both longer and shorter term options depending on the clients’ particular business goals. The longer the term, the lower the seat pricing.

TeleCloud includes offer robust security features such as encryption, firewalls, and access controls that can help prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive information.

Yes, we can provide you with new voice recordings for your auto attendant greetings. If you have an existing music on hold file, that can be reused by forwarding the existing wav file to our team. Custom music on-hold recordings can be provided upon request.

In our experience, the three most important features, are as follows:

  1. Tracking a missed inbound patient call through an immediate email alert and real-time calling dashboard.
  2. The ability to communicate with patients when employee(s) are working from home or understaffed. (TeleCloud Call Center software)
  3. TeleCloud Mobile application to quickly view voicemails and return patient calls.

You will cancel service with the current provider directly after all critical phone numbers have been ported over to TeleCloud.

The UrgentPhones ™ Solution includes a blend of phone hardware, software, custom programming and onboarding processes for UrgentCare Centers that are specifically designed for your industry. We have a unique process that covers the critical requirements for a VoIP Phone System that often get overlooked.

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