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3 Ways the Mitel/RingCentral Partnership Will Impact Your Business


In November 2021, Mitel surprisingly sold their cloud phone business to RingCentral. Strategically, Mitel decided partnering with RingCentral was a faster way to satisfy their parent company, Searchlight Capital Partners.

This means that any current business using a “MiCloud” phone product will be positioned to switch out their services to the RingCentral “MVP” phone system in the near future, or when the current contract ends. Any customer utilizing ShoreTel SKY, MiCloud Business, MiCloud Office, MiCloud Connect, and all other MiCloud variants besides the Enterprise offer will be requested to migrate to RingCentral and require new paperwork be signed off on with the new term.

While there were likely larger market forces at play and considerable financial implications that needed to be satisfied, TeleCloud’s perspective on this is quite simple.

How does this impact you, the customer?

These are the 3 ways this will impact your business:

    1. You may feel forced to migrate to RingCentral even if it’s not a good fit. Mitel has a huge financial incentive in front of them to migrate your business to RingCentral regardless of your goals, technical fit, or business alignment.

    2. If your business has less than 100 employees, you are considered small for RingCentral. Your business typically will not receive the support you deserve. Small businesses get outsourced and handled by “GenPop.”

    3. RingCentral will never come on site or help locally with change over to a new system. Does your business need or want localized support? RingCentral is a national brand out of CA – and they are not designed to come on site for a small business.

Determine if your business requires upgraded software to manage inbound calls, mobile app technology, and CRM integrations. Odds are RingCentral will match your current invoice and let you out of the Mitel contract early – but may not provide a proper demo or sales engagement. As the customer, you have the power to decide who is right for your business.

Telecom is a big industry with lots of suppliers and specialties. Before your company agrees to let Mitel switch out your phone service to RingCentral with a new contract, take your time to evaluate what is right for your business and size. RingCentral is a strong brand in our space with $1.2 billion in annual revenue – but they tend to struggle to provide support to smaller businesses that are not enterprise or mid-market-sized companies. Before rushing into a new contract, take time to evaluate which service provider is right for you.

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