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Will a VoIP phone system slow the internet at my business?

We will explain whether or not VoIP phone systems slow down the internet at businesses. There’s nothing worse when you’re using the internet and things come to a crashing halt. Whether it’s a Skype call with an important client, a vital webinar you needed to attend, or a training video you’re watching on Wistia, when the internet slows to a crawl, it throws a wrench in the system.

So naturally, when we’re talking to customers about VoIP phone systems they want to know if an “internet phone” will slow down their current internet speeds. This is a great question with an easy answer, so let’s dive right into and discuss the subject.

Will a VoIP phone system slow the internet at my business?


Will a VoIP phone system slow the internet at my business?

The quick answer is no, it won’t

In most situations, the calls themselves are very, very small, and will barely impact your internet speeds.

However, this is not to say that your internet speed doesn’t impact your VoIP call quality. Check out our article Does internet speed or bandwidth impact my VoIP phone system? to learn more. If your internet isn’t strong or fast enough, you could experience some audio loss on calls, usually in the form of “jitter” or other audio distortion. You see, calls are in real time and more susceptible to the internet quality, not the other way around.

But the bottom line is no, your VoIp phone calls won’t detrimentally impact your internet speeds. Even in larger offices, or large deployments of phones, it really shouldn’t make a difference.

The benefit of living in the greater New York City area is we’re connected to great internet infrastructure. We have widespread high speed internet, meaning most internet service at businesses won’t be impacted by VoIP systems

VoIP phone systems are like a canary in a coal mine.

In the olden days, miners kept a canary in a cage when they were underground digging for coal. If the air wasn’t breathable, the canary was the first thing to go, warning the miners that they had a problem.

VoIP is the same way. If you’re having any problems with your internet connection, your VoIP is going to be the first thing impacted.

How can you make sure your VoIP phone system works the best?

Simply put, a VoIP phone system that’s set up correctly is going to function correctly. You want to make sure you have high quality internet, a well designed network, the right hardware, and good wiring to get great call quality over your VoIP system.

If your VoIP system wasn’t installed correctly, or there were any shortcuts taken when getting the system rolled out, you’re going to have issues with the call quality. Fortunately, regardless of how many of your staff members are on the phone, your VoIP phone system won’t impact the internet at your business. To learn more about VoIP phone systems at your business, click here to contact us onlineor touch base with us at 908-481-1200.

By Mark Johnson
Director of Operations, Tele-Data Solutions
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I’m responsible for the daily operations of Tele-Data Solutions, and I’m proud to bring over ten years of experience to this position. I’m all about building relationships with my clients and applying technical expertise to solve their problems. I currently live in Basking Ridge with my wife, Linda, and our twins.


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