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Case Study: TeleCloud Chosen As Preferred VoIP Provider Over Mitel, Resulting in 20% Increase in Repair Orders Through Call Center Software for Black Rock Truck Group

“We didn’t want to be stuck with the same bad service we were getting from our last provider, but TeleCloud went above and beyond to give us fast, responsive support.” - Chris Johnston, Branch Manager, Black Rock Truck Group

In addition to annual savings, TeleCloud’s solutions improved visibility, business continuity, and customer service to help Black Rock stay competitive.

Black Rock Truck Group, a leading commercial vehicle dealer based out of Branford, CT with an additional location in Yonkers, NY, was looking for a voice provider they could trust to install phones and network equipment at both of their locations – and provide the responsive support and features they weren’t getting from their previous provider.

The Challenge:

Black Rock had been using Mitel’s phone system and service for about three years – and was not satisfied with the service they provided. Shortly before Black Rock’s contract with Mitel was up, Mitel partnered with RingCentral. After RingCentral contacted Black Rock to notify them about service migration, Black Rock decided it was time for a better solution.

In addition to poor service, Mitel’s phone systems lacked the capabilities Black Rock needed to improve their customer experience and gain visibility into their service and parts departments. A lack of visibility into repair orders (ROs) in particular meant Black Rock didn’t have a handle on a big, important revenue stream.

They needed a partner who could offer:

  • Responsive, personalized service
  • Fast onboarding
  • Onsite installation with their in-house IT vendor
  • Advanced phone systems and communication technologies
  • Experience in the auto dealership space

“TeleCloud has worked with a lot of auto dealers, so the familiarity with companies similar to ours really appealed to us.”

- Chris Johnston, Branch Manager, Black Rock Truck Group

The Action:

TeleCloud worked with Black Rock’s in-house IT vendor to install phones and networking equipment onsite at each of the company’s two locations. TeleCloud also:

  • Added call center software for visibility into Black Rock’s service and parts departments
  • Rolled out text messaging to improve communication with customers, send appointment reminders, and more
  • Provided insights into how to manage the phone system from a real-time perspective
  • Implemented a disaster recovery plan that involved routing inbound calls to Black Rock’s other location in the event one lost power or connectivity

The Result:

  • Black Rock now saves 20% on telecom expenses annually.
  • The company gained complete visibility into their phone systems – and the ability to track ROs and other major revenue opportunities.
  • Communication with customers has improved, as customers can now text their Black Rock contacts with questions, appointment confirmations, etc.
  • Missing inbound calls is no longer a concern with a new disaster recovery plan in place.
  • Best of all, Black Rock can rely on fast, expert customer support – any time they need it – with TeleCloud.

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