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Revenue Guard Services: Case Study for TeleCloud

Why Did Revenue Guard Services, a New Jersey–Based Medical Claims Management Company, Switch Voice Over IP Service from Evolve IP to TeleCloud?

Our Client

Revenue Guard Services is a medical claims management company based out of Morganville, New Jersey. Their qualified team brings over twenty-eight years of experience and expertise providing billing and collection services to hospitals, private ambulance companies, volunteer and municipal emergency squads, and more. Through state-of-the-art technology, innovative techniques to achieve cash recovery, and a highly professional staff, Revenue Guard represents the gold standard in accounts receivable management services. They are dedicated to complying with all regulatory restrictions while maximizing their clients’ revenue.

The Challenge

Revenue Guard had three major challenges associated with their Evolve IP system:

  1. Revenue Guard was already using a voice over IP based phone system going back to 2015. What Revenue Guard needed was the right local partner for faster service and support. While there technology worked, they were lacking a provider that could respond quickly to their needs.
  2. Revenue Guard had a team of eight customer service reps who handled the majority of inbound  calls from hospitals and other healthcare partners. To better serve their clients and partners, Revenue Guard needed to add call center functionality. This new software tool was important to service their partners better and provide management with more call center information.
  3. Revenue Guard was spending a premium on monthly phone services because they had legacy pricing from five years before, and the terms of that contract had not been negotiated since.

Choosing TeleCloud

When Revenue Guard was considering switching their phone service, they were unsure where to start. They heard of RingCentral, but they were uneasy about the large size of that company.  Revenue Guard, which has around one hundred employees, feared being a proverbial small fish in a big pond, anticipating their needs wouldn’t be served in a personal, timely, effective manner.

Knowing they needed alternative options, Revenue Guard turned to their IT company, Integrated Computer Services (based out of Glen Rock, New Jersey). Integrated Computer Services recommended having a conversation with TeleCloud. This recommendation was particularly intriguing to Revenue Guard because Integrated Computer Services told them they used to recommend RingCentral but no longer did because of how large they had grown and all the associated customer service issues that come with that.

Our Approach

As with every client, we sat down with Revenue Guard and listened to their needs and current phone-related challenges. With this information, we came up with a tailored plan for a TeleCloud hosted phone system that would effectively support the internal and external needs of the business. Because of Revenue Guard’s situation, we took particular care with the call center setup.

For the switch, we did an on-site installation at their offices in Morganville, New Jersey. We partnered with their IT company on the day of the port and go-live, ensuring the new network switches brought the IP phones up and running without a single minute of downtime. We then programmed eight call center agents to handle inbound calls.

The Results

Following the installation of the TeleCloud system and the expiration of the Evolve IP contract, Revenue Guard’s annual telecom costs were reduced by 30 percent. That comes to a savings of over $50,000 per year.

They experienced less technical problems and got more out of their call center and mobile technologies. After setting up call center, Revenue Guard was immediately more confident about how they were handling claims.

Revenue Guard was even able to reuse one hundred existing Polycom phones because they were simply switching service, not hardware. This avoided the expense and hassle of replacing all their phones.

During the installation process, Andrea Sigismondi, Revenue Guard’s vice-president of information technology, had this to say about the switch: “TeleCloud’s feature-rich communication solution has helped us increase customer satisfaction through a versatile hosted system tailored to our business needs.”

About Us

TeleCloud is a second-generation, family-owned, community-first unified communications and business phone system provider. They believe when it comes to business communication needs, customers deserve the best blend of innovative solutions and localized personal service. With more than 40 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, TeleCloud has stepped up to fill the small business technology void, helping businesses in the Northeast navigate cloud-based systems that ensure future success.

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