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8 of the Most Popular VoIP Features in 2023


More businesses than ever are turning to cloud-based VoIP solutions for improved reliability, efficiency, and tools to support their remote and hybrid working environments. But since phone system technology is constantly evolving, many customers ask us which features they should implement to stay ahead of the competition. 

In this blog, we’re sharing the eight most popular VoIP features in 2023 – plus a couple of bonus features – to help you get more out of your phone systems in 2023. 

1. Mobile Applications

Mobile-first deployments are becoming very popular, as these applications make it easier to stay connected from anywhere. With mobile applications, both your business line and mobile device ring whenever a customer calls. These are simple to implement but ultimately enable your teams to work from anywhere without ever missing a call.

2. Remote Worker Packages

Many businesses have opted for a hybrid work model, with employees working in-office, from home, or traveling between multiple offices. Our remote worker packages include mobile solutions, headsets, and web phone applications to ensure your employees always have your business communications technology at their fingertips, no matter where they’re located.

3. SMS & MMS Service

Regardless of your industry, the ability for customers to text your business – and receive your responses via text – is critical. Essentially, business SMS and MMS service used to just be “nice to have,” but texting is now a must.

4. Call Center Software

If you have appointment scheduling or an inside sales department, measuring what they do is essential. Call center solutions, including real-time dashboards that track call recording, call analytics, and abandoned calls, can help you get the insights you need to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

5. CRM Integration

No matter which CRM you’re using – whether it’s HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, or custom software – connecting it to your phone system is critical for keeping track of customer interactions. CRM integrations make it easy to sync outbound and inbound calls with your CRM software so your agents always have the information they need to serve customers.

6. Video Collaboration

It’s no secret that video became an integral part of communicating for businesses and households alike when the pandemic hit in 2020. Video is still as important as ever today, so equipping your business with a reliable video collaboration tool – whether it’s Zoom, Teams, Cisco, Google, or something else – should be a top priority.

7. IP Phone Hardware With WiFi

WiFi-enabled IP phone hardware enables you to equip remote workers and satellite offices without the headaches of adding cabling infrastructure or network switches. As long as the location has a strong WiFi connection, your employees can have high-quality, reliable voice and collaboration features from anywhere.

8. Huddlebars for Video Conferencing

One type of hardware we see a lot of interest in is called a huddlebar. This is a piece of camera equipment designed to enhance video conferencing in hybrid work environments, allowing remote workers to see employees in the conference room during video conferences to create more collaborative, engaging calls.

Bonus Feature - Voice Artificial Intelligence

An exciting new feature to look forward to is voice artificial intelligence (AI). Many companies, including TeleCloud, are adding voice AI to VoIP systems to proactively enhance customer experiences. For example, the system can monitor for specific keywords, such as “upset,” and notify a manager so that they can step in to smooth over any issues. 

Bonus Feature - Contact Center

Contact centers differ from traditional call centers by offering a more sophisticated, easier-to-manage approach to customer service. Whether a customer emails, texts, calls, or messages your business via social media, your agents can track and handle each interaction within a single contact center portal rather than multiple, disparate programs. 

Offer the Business VoIP Features Customers Love With TeleCloud

While these are the most common features we’ve seen customers find success with, this list doesn’t include everything your business could benefit from in 2023. If you’d like to learn more, check out this video or contact TeleCloud today. We’re always happy to share our professional input and help you find the right voice solutions to build your business, nurture relationships, and create a killer reputation.

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