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Is Zoom Phone Right for My Business?


Zoom has been a household name ever since the pandemic started, thanks to its ability to connect family and friends through high-quality videos on an easy-to-use platform. With the launch of the Zoom Phone application, many of our customers have been asking if it would make sense to switch their business phone system to Zoom services. 

While an estimated 350 million meeting participants use Zoom daily,1 Zoom Phone is currently only sitting at around 3 million licenses.2 The phone application is built into the Zoom platform, allowing users to take advantage of voice capabilities within the same program they already use for video, meetings, and chat. 

As with most products, TeleCloud’s stance on whether Zoom Phone would work for your business is: it depends. While Zoom’s video capabilities are great, Zoom Phone is still in its early stages. If you’re thinking about moving to Zoom Phone, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Using Zoom Phone lets you easily switch between video and phone calls, but purchasing a Zoom Phone subscription doesn’t include Zoom Pro. If you want to lift the 40-minute group call limit for your video meetings, you’ll have to pay for a Zoom Pro subscription alongside Zoom Phone or upgrade to the Business Plus plan.
  • Licenses are required for each employee using Zoom Phone, and while they aren’t too expensive, getting full permissions for each of your users – in addition to Zoom Pro for professional video meetings – starts to add up.

What Businesses Benefit From Using Zoom Phone?

Despite these potential challenges, there are some instances where migrating your phone services to Zoom might work for your business. Zoom Phone might satisfy your phone needs if your company is:

  • Small, with ten or fewer employees
  • Low call-volume with primarily internal calls
  • Entirely remote and lacking a corporate office
  • Already using Zoom for other services

However, if your company has more complex needs, transitioning to Zoom Phone can be complicated. Organizations with a corporate office or multiple locations have different needs than remote-based companies since they require onsite networking and telecom equipment to conduct business. If this sounds similar to your scenario, keep in mind that setting your business up to use Zoom Phone successfully will require installation, hardware, and a local service provider that can integrate your phone system with Zoom services.

Find Out if Zoom Phone Is Right for You With Expert Guidance

If you’re unsure whether Zoom Phone is the right fit for your business, the TeleCloud team is here to help. We’re a Zoom partner and business phone system expert with over 40 years of experience helping companies get the voice solutions and support they need to grow. 

Our attentive, accessible team of experts is committed to you with our:

  • Northeast-based expertise – our team knows the region's business needs inside and out
  • Integrity and accountability in everything we do

Contact TeleCloud today to learn more about how we can help find the best cloud phone system to move your business in the right direction, no matter what.





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