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How Miller Energy Solved the Communication Problems Inherent to Multi-Office Locations through a TeleCloud Phone Solution

Our Client:

Established in 1958, Miller Energy Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative and a distributor of industrial instrumentation and process control equipment. They have offices in South Plainfield, New Jersey; Exton, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Cleveland, Ohio. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, as well as local technical support to their clients. The products they represent provide logistical solutions within the arenas of industrial gas, power, chemicals and petro-chemicals, food and beverage, waste, pharmaceuticals, and more.

The Challenge:

Miller Energy had four separate office locations, and each of those locations had an independent phone system and carrier setup. For one management team, this resulted in over ten different bills. The company’s accounts payable clerk routinely had to deal with this excessive number of invoices.

In addition to billing difficulties, the phone systems they were using were about twenty years old, meaning they simply didn’t have the functionality or efficiency more modern phone systems could provide. Managers, for example, didn’t have the ability to intercom to other site locations.

As a fifty-person company using four different phone systems, Miller Energy was subjected to higher costs and less responsive and effective customer support. In general, their existing system was confusing, expensive, and ineffective.

Choosing Tele-Data:

Chip Miller, the president of Miller Energy, was approached by Verizon to evaluate his phone system, but Chip didn’t feel comfortable selecting Verizon. Because of Verizon’s large size, Chip worried his fifty-person company would be too small of an account to get the level of customer service he was seeking. It was also important to him to receive white-glove on-site installation, which was not something Verizon was set up to provide.

As Chip began seriously researching his phone options, he came across one of our educational blogs regarding Verizon One Talk. After reading this, he reached out to us. Chip was most concerned about the service aspect of his phone system, and after talking to Tele-Data Solutions, it became clear VoIP was the perfect fit for his multi-office business, and with our emphasis on customer service, we stood out as a clear fit.

The local nature of Tele-Data Solutions was another major selling point for Miller Energy. Their headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey, were just over fifteen miles away from the Tele-Data Solutions headquarters in Union, New Jersey.

Overall, Chip wanted to reduce his phone system costs while improving internal communications through a more advanced, efficient system. He also needed someone with the wiring and infrastructure expertise to convert this to something more modern:

From service to expertise, Tele-Data Solutions could provide everything Miller Energy needed.

Our Approach:

After Chip reached out to us, we invited him and his brother, Jim, to our offices in order to see the phones in person and to witness their functionality firsthand. Chip and Jim received a thorough on-site demonstration of the technology, and they reviewed the financial analysis of switching. We discussed their business needs and all their current phone-related challenges, and using this information, we devised a tailored plan for a TeleCloud hosted phone system that would effectively support their communication needs.

After this, we conducted site surveys to better understand what the Miller Energy offices could handle and to learn what this job would entail.

Once all these bases had been covered and Chip and Jim felt comfortable, they opted to move forward with new phone hardware and software, including mobile applications.

Chip wanted on-site installation at all office locations, and Tele-Data Solutions was able to accommodate this request. We personally saw to the New Jersey site and subcontracted the out-of-state installations with trusted, experienced third parties.

The Results:

After switching to Tele-Data Solutions, Miller Energy reduced their invoice load from over ten to three. The switch also reduced their telecom expenses by about half. At their initial price point, they were spending just over $2,500 per month; with Tele-Data Solutions, that went down to about $1,250 per month. This resulted in annual savings of around $15,000.

In addition to these cost savings, Miller Energy now had an efficient phone system that was easy to support and to integrate. All offices could now quickly and seamlessly communicate with managers at other sites.

In all, the client ended up with a better solution, better support, fewer invoices, and a smaller total financial burden.

Client Review:

“We hired Tele-Data to roll out a cloud-based phone system for our 3 office locations in South Plainfield NJ, Exton PA and Cleveland, OH.

We had too many different carrier invoices and too much complexity for a small business. Tele-Data helped us get unto 1 central system that’s easier to use and support.

They helped us with everything from on-site installation of the phone equipment to custom programming of the phone system. Highly recommended.”

- Chip Miller, President, Miller Energy

About Us

Tele-Data Solutions is a telecommunications service provider based in Union, New Jersey. We offer on-premises and cloud-based VoIP phone systems, and the driving tenet of our business is customer service. From white-glove on-site installation to end user training to ongoing post-installation support, our dedicated team of voice and data specialists always put the customer first, working closely with every unique client to offer a personalized phone solution that meets the company’s individual needs.

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