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How did PromptCare improve phone communications with patients and colleagues, increase reliability and reduce monthly costs?

PromptCare's corporate headquarters was about to be relocated from Clark, NJ to New Providence, NJ when they engaged the help of Tele-Data Solutions to both move and upgrade their telecom system.

Our Client:

PromptCare® is a leading regional provider of specialty respiratory products and infusion therapy services. Established in 1985 and headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, PromptCare® serves at-home pediatric and adult patients in the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. Operating from 28 local service locations, PromptCare® offers the most advanced equipment, and the most highly trained clinicians, to ensure better patient care and outcomes.

The Challenge:

PromptCare's corporate headquarters was about to be relocated from Clark, NJ to New Providence, NJ when they engaged the help of Tele-Data Solutions to both move and upgrade their telecom system. The firm was using an Avaya IP Phone System and Windstream Voice Services across the business, but they were experiencing an increasing number of problems with this system:

  • There were significant periods of downtime and no system in place to manage these outages or to provide any back-up
  • The Avaya platform was an older VOIP system and it was difficult to run reports or check recordings from the call center, a situation made worse by the 3rd party call center software which was difficult to administer and prone to errors. And,
  • Support from the system providers was poor, leading to frustration across the business

The office move provided an opportunity to address these problems. They needed a local specialist who would be able to assess their needs and coordinate the installation of a new system which would address the problems they were facing and ensure that downtime was no longer an issue.

Choosing Tele-Data:

We were the ideal partner for PromptCare. We already had a relationship with their existing IT MSP provider, IND (which made it easy to collaborate and ensure that our technologies would integrate seamlessly) and we were based just 10-miles from the new corporate headquarters ensuring that we would be able to assist with on-site relocation. Initial meetings reassured PromptCare's senior team that we would be quick to respond to any service-related issues whilst our client portfolio demonstrated we were more than capable of meeting their needs.

Our Approach:

We listened carefully to our client's requirements and the current challenges they were facing. We then spent time understanding the ways in which a phone system needed to support the business both externally and internally, and ensured we also took into consideration the call-center requirements. We identified that a TeleCloud hosted phone system with call center and mobility software solutions for their office relocations would be the ideal solution for the business.

We then took on responsibility for handing the on-site installation of new phone hardware in New Providence NJ, King of Prussia PA, Stoughton, MA and Farmingdale, NY (Long Island). We designed a call center solution for 75 agents across different departments (respiratory, home infusion and billing) and then ported around 1,000 phone numbers from Windscreen T1 services to the TeleCloud VOIP Phone Services platform, which was achieved with no downtime!

We implemented a redundancy and failover system to ensure that call center agents could continue to handle inbound calls from patients and suppliers if there were any problems with the system, and we implemented a solution to ensure that inbound after-hours calls were routed to ensure that they were not missed.

The Results:

Following the installation of our TeleCloud system and the elimination of Avaya and Windstream, annual costs for the business were reduced by 40% - that's an incredible savings of over $500k each year.

In addition to these savings, which in itself represents a positive impact on the firm's financial results, managers in each department now have easy access to the information, data and reports they need to effectively manage their respective teams.

Each location has a voice solution which ensures that inbound calls from patients and hospitals are never missed, whilst communication within the business is also quicker, easier and more reliable. This has addressed all the frustration that colleagues experienced with the previous system.

There are now very few technical issues and overall communication quality is significantly improved. The Polycom IP Phones we supplied phones are really high-quality and can communicate with each other through phone and software chat. They also make it possible for call center agents to take the phones home in order to receive inbound calls if the region is it by snow storms, power issues or any other emergencies.

Whilst all these benefits have been felt throughout the business, our systems also make it easy for businesses to plan for the future. Any new PromptCare office locations in the future can be easily integrated into the system.

It's no wonder the team at PromptCare are delighted with our service.

"Tele-Data Solutions' expertise and service have not only saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in telecom costs, but have also substantially improved our ability to communicate with, and serve, the chronically ill patients who rely on our services."

Joe Poliseo, Chief Operating Officer, The PromptCare Companies, Inc.



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