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How Can I Use Microsoft Teams Calling for My Business?


If Microsoft Teams is critical to running your business, you aren’t alone. Many companies depend on Microsoft Teams for calendar management, messaging, and other applications due to its flexibility and ease of use. You’ve likely also noticed its calling feature, Microsoft Teams Phone, and are wondering if it’s a viable option for your business voice needs.

The answer is yes: Microsoft Teams Phone has everything you need to make calls within and outside your company. When you replace your analog business phone system with Microsoft Teams, your employees gain access to advanced calling features like call forwarding, transferring, voicemail options, simultaneous ringing, and more – all from within the Teams platform.

How Can You Start Using Microsoft Teams Calling?

Setting up your phone system to make calls through Microsoft Teams is simple, but the process will vary depending on your preferences. Your two primary options are:

Purchasing Voice Services Directly From Microsoft or your Microsoft Partner

You may choose to go directly to Microsoft for licensing, through which a Microsoft partner can help switch your business phone system to Microsoft Teams. While this option may seem convenient, customer support from Microsoft is often slow and frustrating. 

Additionally, the backend of the Teams phone system isn’t as straightforward as you might be used to, so making changes that might have taken you an hour before can take several days after making the switch – and service is dependent on Microsoft’s timetable.

Using Teams with a Separate VoIP Provider 

Another option is to talk to your existing voice provider – or find a new one – that can integrate your cloud-based business phone system with Microsoft Teams. This often results in a significantly better experience for organizations because you gain the benefits of making inbound and outbound calls through Teams without having to rely on Microsoft for support.

Depending on the company you hire, your business phone system provider will help you switch your phone equipment on-site, provide the reliable customer service you’re used to receiving, and manage the backend of your phone system. Many organizations prefer this option, as you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of Microsoft Teams calling backed by local, responsive support.

Make the Switch to Microsoft Teams Calling With TeleCloud

When deciding whether to go directly through Microsoft or integrate with a third-party business phone system provider, the best option will ultimately depend on your company’s needs. However, if you’re used to locally-based, reliable support, you may be disappointed with Microsoft’s level of customer service.

TeleCloud has served the communications needs of over five thousand clients in our forty-year history. We’ll help you modernize your business with a cloud phone system that integrates with Microsoft Teams, along with white-glove installation and local, 24/7 support. If you have questions about whether Microsoft Teams Phone is the right fit for your business or you’re ready to get started with a hands-on, reliable business phone system provider, reach out to TeleCloud today.

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