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How Can Employees Work and Communicate From Home?

How Can Employees Work and Communicate From Home?

Given the latest information on COVID-19, we wanted to provide 5 options to easily work from home and improve your communication with your customers and co-workers.

Feel free to Join us for a snack sized 30 minute webinar with Vincent Finaldi and Adam Staryak from Tele-Data Solutions in Union, NJ. Given the recent COVID-19 impacting our business and personal lives, we want to share some best practices on how to communicate remotely and efficiently with co-workers and customers.

For our existing customers and potential customers check out the 5 ways to “work from home”

TeleCloud Remote IP Phone:

We carry and offer different types of Polycom IP Phones – they are easy to set up at home with WiFi access.  Additionally they can plug into your home network and make inbound and outbound calling just like at the office. This requires a quick self installation and The IP phone can ship right to your front door.

TeleCloud Softphone:

Business and staff will always have access to a secure, professional phone line with a softphone setup. On the road traveling or working at home? No problem. Open up the app and make your calls. You can make and take calls anywhere, using only your laptop or a softphone mobile app. No need to be tied to a bulky desk phone that takes up space and limits your mobility. Your company also does not have to purchase or rent phone hardware for remote users or additional hires that prefer to use a softphone.

TeleCloud Mobile:

Download our mobile app, “Tele-Cloud”, in the Apple or Google Play store today.

Android/Samsung Phones:

Apple iPhones:

When you make an outbound call, the caller ID shows your business Caller ID, not your cell phone.

You can also easily receive business calls and have it routed to your smart phone through the app.

TeleCloud Conference Bridge

For easy on the fly conference calls, we can provide a unique phone number for your employees to call into. If you need internal conference calls, it’s a very quick set up for your team.

TeleCloud Conference with video collaboration

Coming out soon we can provide video collaboration in conjunction with the conference bridge.  This way you can visually see your co-workers and/or customers on the fly.

For any questions, please contact or call 908-851-0444 option 1.

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