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Case Study: TeleCloud Helps ICS Clients by Providing White-Glove Service

TeleCloud decreased the overall amount of headaches initially caused by larger VoIP providers and provided a better service experience for ICS clients.



Integrated Computer Services (ICS) supports approximately 90 businesses as a trusted IT provider. ICS needed help with their clients’ telecom upgrades, location moves, and additional service requests. They found TeleCloud and couldn’t be happier.

The Challenge:

ICS had been working with other nationally known phone system providers and grew dissatisfied with their poor customer service – and were particularly unhappy with unfair contracts, which automatically renewed unless several months’ notice was given to cancel. 

ICS felt they weren’t getting quality service and attention whenever problems developed. Additionally, it seemed every time they would develop a relationship with their assigned account manager, he/she would leave the company, putting ICS back to square one. Developing a new relationship over and over again became a hassle and left ICS with very little leverage for getting things done for their clients.

ICS knew they needed to make some changes and went looking for a company that could provide phone system expertise and operate on a more personal level. 

ICS needed a partner with:

  • Telecom expertise 
  • Willingness to take ownership of ICS’ clients
  • The ability to go on-site to solve problems if needed
  • A vested interest in protection of ICS reputation
  • White-glove technical installation services

“We began exploring options for a localized provider sized similarly to us and found TeleCloud through the grapevine. We heard they take care of issues expeditiously and decided to try them out on a few projects. And guess what? They delivered as they said they would.” - Mike Cardella, Founder and CEO, ICS

The Action:

Mr. Cardella reached out to TeleCloud and after a good initial conversation decided to try testing them out on a few projects to see what type of service they would provide. He was looking to see if TeleCloud could work in conjunction with ICS to handle problems without the end user customer being negatively impacted during the process.

ICS needed a partner that would do right by their customers, something the larger providers weren’t doing. That became the biggest hurdle in finding a new provider.

“Finding someone to do the heavy lifting was not an easy quest. But after taking time to find the right partner, TeleCloud came on board and I’m now able to sleep a lot easier knowing they have our back.” - Mike Cardella

The Result:

Right away, ICS knew that TeleCloud was the phone expert they were seeking. TeleCloud demonstrated their knowledge and expertise and was able to handle all issues without affecting the day-to-day operations of ICS’ clients.

As a result of working with TeleCloud, the following improvements were realized:

  • ICS relationships with their clients grew stronger and more profitable. 
  • All phone upgrades, switches, firewalls, and onsite installations have been handled without delay. 
  • Best of all, the headaches ICS clients were experiencing have subsided, allowing ICS to deliver a better partner experience to their clients.

“Whenever one of our clients needs phone-related upgrades or changes like VoIP solutions, we don’t hesitate to call on TeleCloud. They always do what they say they’re going to do and do right by our customers. Finding a partner like TeleCloud has been a windfall, and we couldn’t be happier with their service.” - Mike Cardella

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