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Case Study: TeleCloud Helps Automotive Supply Company Cut Their Phone System Costs by Over 50%

Upgrading from a premise-based system to a cloud-based IP phone system saved the customer over $15,000 annually, while providing the remote access flexibility their legacy system lacked.


Wholesale Auto Supply based in South Hackensack, New Jersey had been spending over $2500 per month on their on-premise IP phone system. These outdated phones ultimately did not provide the flexibility that was going to be needed for remote employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Challenge:

Wholesale Auto Supply was nearing the end of a 5-year contract for their legacy phone system. While it provided overall reliable voice services, it lacked the functionality that a cloud-based architecture could offer. The company began exploring options that would:

  • Reduce the overall cost of their monthly phone bills.
  • Route calls to the appropriate manager / team member no matter their location.
  • Provide remote access flexibility that was going to be needed while employees were working from home during the pandemic.

We participated in a TeleCloud webinar and learned about new cloud-based IP phone system technology that could deliver an upgraded experience with greater flexibility, features, and accessories. As our contract was ending, we decided to contact TeleCloud and see if their cloud systems would provide better service at a lower price.” - Andrea Karsian, CEO, Wholesale Auto Supply

The Action:

TeleCloud analyzed the client’s legacy phone system and knew right away the premise-based architecture was not designed to provide the remote access Wholesale Auto Supply needed.

When an auto dealer would call Wholesale Auto Supply, they needed to be routed to the right client manager. If the manager happened to be working remotely that day, it was difficult to route the call correctly with their legacy system. Many times, the calls would not reach their intended destination, which caused unnecessary servicing delays.

TeleCloud recommended a technology upgrade with their cloud-based IP phone system that could get the calls routed correctly, no matter where their employees were physically located. 

“TeleCloud did the heavy lifting for us. Now we don’t have to worry about how we are going to get calls routed to the right agents. Best of all, we’re able to provide great customer service to our dealerships.” - Andrea Karsian

The Result:

TeleCloud was able to upgrade them to a new cloud-based IP phone solution. This switch not only saved the company thousands annually, but also delivered the flexibility needed to route inbound calls to the right account manager / team via their IP phone or cell phone – no matter their location

When the Wholesale Auto Supply staff works from home, they’re able to easily communicate with clients and other team members without depending 100% on their cell phones. The new cloud-based IP system enables their teams to handle many auto dealership requests while being flexible with their work setup access requirements. 

Here is a breakdown of the end results TeleCloud accomplished for the Wholesale Auto Supply team:

  • Replaced the outdated premise-based phone system with a new cloud-based IP phone solution with remote-access capabilities
  • Completed inbound call flow programming and design to get calls to the right people in the right manner – with an intelligent system behind it
  • Conducted training and education for the Wholesale Auto Supply team to make sure everyone understood system capabilities
  • Saved the client over $15,000 annually on phone bills

“Our premise-based phone system was cumbersome and didn’t meet our needs. Having TeleCloud implement their cloud-based IP phone solution with all the features and functionality we required was a game changer for us.” - Andrea Karsian

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