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Case Study: TeleCloud Helped a Title Company Upgrade From Outdated POTS Lines to a Phone System That Delivers Call Center and Work-From-Home Capabilities

TeleCloud helped Fortune Title Agency reduce telecom expenses by over 20% – for an annual savings of over $8000.

Fortune Title Agency based in Roseland, New Jersey focuses on providing title insurance coverage on residential and commercial foreclosures in the tri-state area. They were using an outdated Avaya legacy phone system connected to Verizon POTS lines that provided satisfactory performance but did not provide the ability to track and reroute calls or the flexibility needed for effective remote work.

The Challenge:

Fortune Title’s business was booming, and they were experiencing tremendous growth right before the pandemic. They were hiring new employees at a rapid rate and decided to explore new phone system options that would help them mature in their operational processes.

With their legacy Avaya system, Fortune Title lacked:

  • The ability to measure or track monthly calls. They were receiving approximately 1500 calls per month, or about 75-100 per day, but had no idea which team or staff members were taking the calls.
  • Voicemail management, missed call reports, and call destination measurement reports. They weren’t able to pull data from their legacy system that would highlight areas that needed attention and improvement.
  • The ability to make changes or reroute calls. Their legacy system wasn’t efficient and flexible.

“We really needed to create a call center for the inside team that was able to measure, track, and route calls efficiently, and that was the main reason we went looking for a better solution.” Nicole Timpanaro, CEO, Fortune Title Agency

The Action:

TeleCloud visited the Fortune Title office to study their legacy system and recommended an upgrade to TeleCloud’s cloud-based IP system that would deliver better performance with improved features and capabilities. Fortune Title would gain proper call routing, management, and measurement while having access to real-time information for managers on the staff’s call activities.

Because of their rapid growth, Fortune Title had a lot of desks that needed to be managed and a lot of new phones to be installed. Additionally, Ms. Timpanaro was in the process of expanding Fortune Title’s business lines to include other joint ventures that she would be bringing in house.

That meant more calls coming in from new customers and the need for unique phone numbers for each new company. The system would need to separate and route the calls to the appropriate destination based on the business the caller intended to reach. 

“Because our legacy system was outdated and borderline archaic, we wanted a better voice experience with upgraded technology. Plus, we felt neglected and ignored by our previous provider, so it just made sense to make a change.” - Nicole Timpanaro

The Result:

TeleCloud implemented and installed a new cloud-based IP phone system and helped Fortune Title’s staff during the transition. They opened up a whole new world for their work teams with improved performance and new capabilities. 

Because of TeleCloud’s efforts, Fortune Title received the following benefits:

  • Telecom cost reduction from $1800 to $1100 in recurring monthly fees
  • A new call center and answering service
  • Cloud-based IP phones
  • Softphones that were built into the system that enabled employees to receive calls while working from home
  • The ability to reroute calls to the appropriate agent or department on the fly
  • Eliminated the need to route all calls through the front desk receptionist
  • Training for their managers and work teams

“We now have a modernized and efficient system. Our phones work so much better and the advanced technology delivers amazing performance. We now utilize our call center for our service department complete with mobile app technology, which has really helped our business to better serve our clients. We couldn’t be happier.” - Nicole Timpanaro

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